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Issues Important for Louisiana


Economy and Coastal Restoration

We need to have pro-economic growth policies while protecting our coasts. As a businessman for more than twenty years, I have worked on coastal restoration with oil companies to protect our coast from erosion. As the co-owner of Enviro Resources LLC, I have provided environmental friendly solutions for the oil and gas industry. Performing oil-based cuttings, pit remediation, and soil remediation on pads when drilling is complete protects the environment and provides jobs to hard-working Louisianans. We must invest more in protecting our coast and providing a healthy economy to achieve this by cutting bureaucracy and taxes.



The future leaders of our community are our youth. I advocate for students in our community and encourage them to have a sense of purpose and vision. We need to encourage high school students and young adults to obtain some form of employment while in school. This employment can be part-time during the school year or the summer, ensuring that young adults have the preparation needed to join the workforce once they leave school.

We must promote vocational training as a sensible alternative to a college education and have a healthy economy to provide good-paying jobs.

I will vote against any legislation that attempts to indoctrinate our children with any anti-family curriculum. Our educational system must empower our young people to respect their families and prepare them for the future.


Law and Order

As your State Representative, I will always Back The Blue and vote for the necessary funding to ensure our streets and communities are safe. Our law enforcement is an intricate part of our society. I will oppose any attempts to defund the police.\


Second Amendment

I have always been a supporter of the Second Amendment without exceptions. The right to keep and bear arms is fundamental constitutional protection given to us by our founders and must always be respected. I will never support legislation that infringes on this sacred right.



Protecting the life of the unborn is not only moral, it is simply common sense. All life created by God is precious. As a practicing Catholic, I was raised with the fundamental understanding that we must protect those who cannot protect themselves. This will always include children in the mother's womb.



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